AG Kilmartin Urges Drivers: Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Not on Your Phone…#ItCanWait

With recent studies showing that seven in 10 people are still using their smartphones while at the wheel and a startling number of drivers snap selfies or video chat, Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin kicked off the "It Can Wait" campaign at Exeter West Greenwich High School this morning to educate teen drivers on the dangers and consequences of distracted driving.

Now in its fourth year, Attorney General Kilmartin is once again joining partners the Rhode Island State Police (RISP), the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT), and AT&T to bring the "It Can Wait" campaign to schools throughout Rhode Island.

"When we began this program four years ago, our focus was primarily on texting while driving. However, as technology has evolved, so has smartphone usage," said Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin. "People are not just texting behind the wheel – they are taking selfies, checking email, and, perhaps most shocking, even viewing and recording videos. The good news is that peer influence can have a tremendous impact on drivers' behavior, which is why it's critical to teach young drivers the message that no post, message, email, or photo is worth a life…It Can Wait."

If you are interested in having Attorney General Kilmartin bring the “It Can Wait” campaign to your school, please contact (401) 274-4400, ext 2007 or via email by clicking here.